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Some of our services

VAT returns

A VAT Return calculates how much VAT should be paid to, or reimbursed.

PAYE Returns

An employer needs to submit a reconciliation showing details of the total amount of Employees’ Tax [Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE)] deducted or withheld during the tax year.

UIF Returns

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) gives short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of maternity, adoption leave, or illness.

Financial Statements

It’s important to create and review this financial statement to track the growth (or contraction) of your business.

Management Statements

Estate planning Drafting of testaments

Our services include the drafting or review of legal agreements relating to estate planning and other professional advice.


At Azar Accountants we have some of the most helpful, caring people to make each of your experiences with us a positive and helpful one.

We have highly skilled staff that are trained and experienced in the field of accounting.
With our wide range of services, we strive to eliminate any and all hassles you may encounter with your accounting needs.

In fact, to make sure that your money and investments stay your best friend, we provide services to cover every aspect you might enquire.

Overview &CAREERS

Azar accountants was started in 2008 in Bloemfontein by Mattie Azar.

Azar accountants, owned and operated by Mattie Azar, is a full service accounting facility which offers a wide range of services and is driven by their clients.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and we are well known for going above and beyond the regular call of duty to assist customers and  to handle any of their accounting hassles correctly and on time.

Azar accountants is also a registered training centre.

Time is money

At Azar Accountants, we believe time is money, and that is why we work hard to get your statements and reports done in the best possible time frames we can.

Location is everything

Based in Bloemfontein, Azar Accounting Services are centrally located.

23 Donald Murray, Bremer Building, 1st Floor | Bloemfontein

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